Web Island Agency

Chamo Service Pack

Provide any HTML-template. Get a site powered by your favorite static website generator.

Every business whether it's a small company or even one-person comes to the point when they need a website to represent their activity. But not everyone is ready to invest much into it. To cover those cases, Web Island Agency designed a Chamo Service Pack, a product that helps small businesses run a website with the lowest budget in the shortest timeframes.

The Pack Details

1. Favorite design

Pick a design or an HTML template you like and we build a website based on it.

2. Any generator

We are specialized to build websites with any popular static website generator.

3. Flat CMS

We integrate your website with a flat CMS that will allow you to manage content of your website with ease.

4. Budget friendly

With pricing starting from $400, the service pack is the best option for small companies and individuals.

5. Simple workflow

We set up our working processes to be simple, flexible and straightforward on every stage.

6. Easy to support

You get a maintainable solution that is easy to support and extend.


Still not sure if the Chamo Service Pack is what you need? Write to us, schedule a call or send a brief description of your project. We'll help you to choose a service that matches best your goals and expectations.